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Rising Statistics of Infertility In India – How to Eliminate Your Chances of Infertility?

Rising Statistics of Infertility In India – How to Eliminate Your Chances of Infertility?

The journey of parenthood is different for each couple. Where several couples plan their pregnancy, numerous couples experience pregnancy as an unplanned surprise. There are additionally numerous couples hit with infertility and finds that it is hard to get pregnant.

Infertility is not anymore a curse but a medical condition that can be cured under the best supervision of infertility specialists in Ahmedabad. Infertility issues can happen either in men or women or even both. In men, infertility problems can be due to low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, a specific ailment, or stress. While, in women, infertility issues can happen due to the blocked fallopian tube, uterine issues, poor diet, stress, and age.

The following is some factors that cause infertility issues in men and women:

  • Stress: Men and women today want to be successful and endeavor to accomplish their objectives. It indeed grows a fear of failure in their heart, which triggers stress, lack of sleep, and improper diet routine. Infertility specialist in Ahmedabad describes stress to be one of the main factors causing infertility issues in both men and women.
  • Lack of Self-Care: Humans tend to make the most of any circumstance. While accomplishing their objectives, they forget to grow with self-care and self-love. Lack of a healthy diet, lack of exercise, overtime at work, and unable to spend quality time with your family likewise contributes to infertility problems.
  • Lifestyle: Almost all studies point out changes in way of life that have an inverse effect on fertility. What’s more, it appears that intensification of lifestyle hazard factors might lead to an increased prevalence of infertility among women. Interestingly, the quality of the way of life is likewise expected to prompt an increased prevalence of infertility in men too.

According to the data, 10-15% married couples in India face infertility. A whopping 27.5 million couples who want to conceive suffer from infertility. More details https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/

  • Obesity: Many of us can accuse the 9-5 job at the office for gaining those belly fats and additional love handles. However, it’s up to us to let the work-life affect our wellbeing. Following a healthy diet, avoiding unhealthy food items, regular exercise, and some daily activities will minimize the possibility of infertility in both men and women. Keep yourself active to prevent unnecessary ailments at a young age.
  • Smoking and Alcohol: In metropolitan cities, smoking and consumption of alcohol have become a lifestyle. Workaholics find it an escape plan to avoid dealing with everyday chaos going in life.

Stop smoking and alcohol today if you are planning to consider infertility treatment in Ahmedabad or anywhere around the world. Smoking and consumption of alcohol constrain a couple’s ability to convey a successful pregnancy.

If you are planning to have a child but the fear of infertility is around, stopped smoking and alcohol today. Follow a healthy eating routine and stick to it with some daily exercise to manage your stress levels. To find out more about infertility treatments and its success rate for individual couples, visit Sunflower Hospital, the best IVF center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and we will guide you in your journey towards parenthood.

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